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[Panel 1]
# lying under a bar stool

# (off)
He's still alive!

Could your rejoicing be
a bit quieter, please?

[Panel 2]
Better give him some coffee, then.

You sure? I know
people, 'e can
just vanish.

No, he's moving
and everything.

"Still moving" is only a bit extra.

[Panel 3]
He's a good customer and
he's allowed to sleep it
off here, says the boss.

# sitting up
You're too
kind, madam.

Oh, don't you worry,
she'll take it out
of your hide later.

Right, anyway, you didn't see me...

[Panel 4]
Bit late for that. We
all saw you at midnight.

Run me off a couple
more plastic bits for
the optics and we'll
say no more about it.

This wouldn't be so bad if
I could remember what I did.

That's for you to worry about
and us to keep the photos.

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