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[Panel 1]
Did you ever get your chair fixed?

No. We went over there,
but they'd turned into
a power tool wholesaler.

And then Jaakko got all
distracted, and now he
owns two dozen chainsaws.

[Panel 2]
Have you found anywhere else?

Yeah, but they
look expensive.

Even if they
are in Deptford.

I'd better go along. I could use
one of those things for myself.

[Panel 3]
[style rect]


Oh come ON you two,
it was just a
little bargaining.

No it wasn't.
He talked

Of course he did.

[Panel 4]
He could see we weren't the
usual corporate types who buy
the things by the thousand.

And then you got
him to take off
the coat-hooks.

You didn't want them,
did you? So of course
that was another hundred
quid off each chair.

Iä! Iä! Discount for cash!

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