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# at work
[Panel 1]
Mild panic.

They say they are
going to refurbish
the building.

Jislaaik! I'll need to
move my biltong racks out
of the underfloor space.

When does it start?

[Panel 2]
They haven't decided yet.

They need to work out
whether they can make more
money by selling off this
place as-is and going
somewhere else.

And the next Finance
Planning Meeting isn't
for a couple of months.

And after that they'll need to
choose contractors and so on...

[Panel 3]
But either way they're
going to do SOMETHING.

I'd better start
shifting things
out now.

Me too. I can only fit
two herring-barrels
on each trolley.

How many barrels do you have?

[Panel 4]
And why can't we smell them?

Because I am

You know that big
storeroom full of
the paper nobody
ever uses?

The paper is only one box deep now.

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