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[Panel 1]
What do you suppose that I meant by

"TO DO: Drill hole in London"?

I don't know. Who did you say it to?

[Panel 2]
I didn't, praise be. I wrote
it down in my notebook.

Notebook, Nils?

I thought you
did everything
by computer?

What, and have Google data-mine my
plans for the rise of the robots?

[Panel 3]
Bell, I don't suppose
you can help, but

have you any idea
why, in the middle
of the night, I

(or possibly
the mice)

seem to have

"£9m 2 years ago 200,000 38 left"
on a bit of paper by my bed?

Oh God, it's catching!

[Panel 4]
What do you suppose Citz or
Mandi wrote down last night?

I'm not going to find out. Reading
Mandi's notes is ALREADY like
looking into the face of the
universe. Not for mere mortals.

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