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This strip was drawn after the election, but I did write it rather earlier.

[Panel 1]
So that's that. Another
general election over.

I am sure it will be
bad for business.

Could have been worse.

[Panel 2]
I pretty much expect a frothing
nutter to win these days.

When all your candidates
are frothing nutters,
that's more or less
inevitable. Unless
there's no clear winner.

I wish they would at least
froth and nut interestingly.

[Panel 3]
I mean, start talking about
the purple lizards or something.
I would vote for that.

There have certainly been
times I expected it. Ginny,
you've been here longer
than I have. Was this really
the worst campaign ever?

Of course it was. They
all have been, as far
back as I can remember.

[Panel 4]
Well, as long as I do not have
to leave the country and our
consultancy can keep going...

I wonder why we aren't
talking about the
result in detail?

I think God only plans
four weeks ahead.

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