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[Panel 1]
There it is again.

On Freecycle.

Zafira roof bars,
easy clip, for
the B model.


So they've come back again.
It's every three or four months.

[Panel 2]
How do you know it's
the same ones?

Well, I can't be SURE. But
it's the same B model, same
easy clip, and how many sets
of roof bars for ten-year-old
Zafiras can there be in London?

So let me guess, you
think they're haunted?

[Panel 3]
Well, no, but I drove a Zafira
once. I'd just about got up to a
decent speed, and it started
wobbling all over the place.


Having something on the
roof is only going to
make the wobble worse. So
you'd give 'em away again.

[Panel 4]
Or maybe they do the trip
they wanted, and pass on
the bars to someone else?

More likely it's the OTHER
standard Zafira problem,
and the roof bars are the
only bit they can recover
from the burning wreck.

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