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[Panel 1]
It... is...


But it IS.

All right, what is
it this time?

A smartphone.

[Panel 2]
I thought you
didn't do them?

Not till now. This one's got
a third-party operating
system, all open source,
and all the apps are too.

AND a VPN so that I can use SIP
and XMPP back to my own servers.

[Panel 3]
And a...

That's nice. You're
finally joining the
twenty-first century.

Oh, I would not say that.
There is no Facebook or
Twitter or Google on it.

The civilised bit of the twenty-
first century, where people
still get served good beer.

[Panel 4]
So what are you going to
do with the thing now?

Work when I'm out in
the middle of nowhere
because I've got lost
on the bike, and
didn't bring a laptop.

Maybe give bike
navigation a try too?

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