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[Panel 1]
Good news, everybody!

Do I need Bell's
grandpa's tin hat?

Apparently the brave new system is
finally working, and the masses
can book leave and be ill again.

(Though they're each getting an
extra half day for some reason.)

[Panel 2]
And this affects us
contractor scum because?

Now we can check when our
notional boss will be in and
out of the office, so we can
plan our work days to avoid him.

Wasn't it a her?

[Panel 3]
I thought it was a
him. Brian? Dave?

If you can't be sure, that
doesn't sound like the sort
of management we need to
make much effort to avoid.

Hmm. Jaakko!

[Panel 4]
Hmm? Sorry. I am trying to work
out how my surströmming has got
110kg heavier after I cleaned
up the last containment breach.

Did you...? No.
Even you wouldn't...

Think I'll just move my biltong
out of the warm air ducts
before anything finds it...

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