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[Panel 1]

I know I've got
grandpa's tin hat, but
that's ridiculous.

No, no, maybug, cockchafer...

Oh, you mean turilas.
Why not just say so?

[Panel 2]
Because I don't speak
your perverse non-
Indo-European language?

Nobody is perfect.

ANYWAY, it was buzzing about the
kitchen so I've turned off the
lights and opened the windows.

[Panel 3]
How did it get in? They're not
exactly the most svelte of insects.

Maybe it quantum
tunnelled the
way mice do.

Meanwhile we can't go
in to cook anything.

Well, that's why I came to tell
you, and to see if you'd beg
something off the café downstairs.

[Panel 4]
Why can't you...? Oh, right,
they banned you from talking
to them didn't they?

We could not help
it! They had a
militant vegan.

He might never
have known that
he was Wrong!

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