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[Panel 1]
And now I've got a smartphone,
I can make it do...

Yes Nils. Don't
you have to be up
for work tomorrow?

It's only two in the morning.
And anyway I've set an alarm
for sunrise with just three
button presses, because I CAN!

[Panel 2]
Have you got your diary
working on it yet?

Well, no.

But I've got Perl! And Emacs! That
was much more important, really.

[Panel 3]
You've been waiting
for this, haven't you?

I was the first kid I
knew with a computer.
(We're probably the
last generation who
can say that.)

Everybody else has been getting
shiny phones while I hung on
waiting for one that would let me
have a little bit of privacy.

[Panel 4]
I've got some catching up to do.

Well do it more
quietly! Some of
us still need sleep.

If you'd just accept
His Tentacular Embrace,
sleep wouldn't be a
problem any more.

[Nils] know, I bet
there's an app for that...

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