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[Panel 1]
A pint of your finest, good
landlady, to celebrate the
fact that we're having the
right sort of weather for once.

Groo. Don't be hearty
at me, I can't
take it. Too hot.

Nonsense, it's perfect.
Well, maybe a degree or two
chillier than I'd really like...

[Panel 2]
You're not Normal.

Speaking of Normal, I
haven't seen Elizabeth
for a few days.

Any idea what
she's up to?

Last I heard, she was planning
to sleep in the stacks.
Apparently they have a
dehumidifier for the books.

Bunch of wusses.

[Panel 3]
And as if the weather
weren't enough, I think
the cellar is haunted.

What sort of a haunt? Not
some quiet old boy in a
corner like the usual one?

Well, every so often there's
a noise of creaking wood,
and a sort of squeaking...

[Panel 4]
That's not a haunt.

It's Mandi.

She reckons the mice in the
cellar are worth it for the
cool, so she took a barstool
down there to jump on.

Cheek! If anyone gets to sit
in the cellar in the cool,
it ought to be the landlady!

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