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[Panel 1]
We won!

Who's we?

Won what?

I am not sure. Apparently it is
a thing you have to say when you
are getting changed downstairs.

[Panel 2]
Oh, hang on, isn't there...?

Someone said something
about football, I
think. I tuned it out.

You should be careful about
that. One day it might be
"a giant football is coming,
run for your life".

Sorry, what? I wasn't listening.

[Panel 3]
Well, obviously we WON the World
Cup. Finland did not qualify,
so we save all the expense and
silliness of having a team in it.

Ditto South Africa.

Oh, everybody's welcome to
get on board the England
Hope and Despair Train.

[Panel 4]
"We're in with a chance."

"Maybe this time."

"They didn't play fair."

"Sack the manager."

It's like that Japanese
seasonal ornament thing,
a way of keeping track
of the passing summer.

Wake me when it is
Practical Biathlon season.

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