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[Panel 1]
See? The power's off.

If the power were off
the UPS would be going
"beep" and shutting
down the computers.

Must be one of the
ring main breakers.

[Panel 2]
Then why are the lights out
as well as the appliances?

Even Jaz could only
do so much re-wiring
without emptying the
whole place out. It's
a bit, er, innovative.

Anyway, we just turn everything off
then work out what's tripping it...

# with light
[Panel 3]
[style rect]
several pops later

I told you a binary chop
would be more efficient!

Yes Nils.

So the fridge is
shorting out.

That means... jislaaik!
The sausages!

[Panel 4]
I'll call Jaakko, I'm sure
he's got some space.

And what are you going
to do when you want
something from the fridge?

Go and visit him, of
course. And then
there'll be beer...

I'd better get this fridge fixed.
My liver won't take it for long.

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