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[Panel 1]
You know what you
could have in here?

Beer. Food. There's no
room for anything else.

How about a small
pile of boardgames?

[Panel 2]
Oh, I've seen pubs with
them. Trivial Pursuit Ripoff
Edition, Forgotten TV Quiz
Show Tie-In, Excessively
Complicated Drinking Game.
And the inevitable Cards
Against Blasted Humanity.

Yes, but I can get you some
that are actually GOOD.

Codenames, Splendor,
Sagrada, some
Timeline sets.

[Panel 3]
Maybe Hanabi? Oh, NMBR 9 of course.

And how much would I have
to pay for all this?

Oh, nothing. Just supporting my
local pub, and making some room
on the games shelves at home.

[Panel 4]
What are you UP to?

Why do I have to have
an ulterior motive
for everything?

Oh, hello Nils. Have you
found somewhere to put all
your new games from Essen yet?
My girlfriend is getting annoyed
at having them in the house.

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