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[Panel 1]
It... is...

Is it really?
Are you SURE?

Well, it's kicking
a bit at least.

All right, what is it?

[Panel 2]
A physics engine for board
games. And I've got it
running on my computer!

(After a bit
of furkling,
of course.)

I had been wondering what
the, ahem, donnering
problem was this time.

[Panel 3]
Oh, excellent news!


Well, if you're playing
them on your computer,
you won't need all
that space in the attic
for storage, will you?

Now hold on a moment, let's
not get into crazy talk here.

[Panel 4]
I mean, there are already so
many games that I don't have
the room or the budget for,
and now I can play them too.

Or the time
to play them?

Well, that is a problem.
Maybe I'll have
to give up the pub.

Wash your mouth out!

With beer, to remind you
what you'd be missing.

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