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# at home
[Panel 1]
It... is...




My very first storage
server, from, jislaaik, 2008.

[Panel 2]
And then when it got full, I
built a new one and used the old
box for DVD ripping, and then
after that it was the router.

But him big-fella fan not go
wizzy-wizzy-wizzy no more.

I assume you will
be arranging a
Viking funeral?

[Panel 3]
What, with all those toxic
plastics? Of COURSE I will.

As soon as Jaakko can
get here. He wouldn't want
to miss a good burning.

I'll get grandpa's tin hat.

[Panel 4]
Why? There's nothing explosive...
ooh, but there COULD be...

And make sure
that blasted
cat is out of
the line of fire.

Yes, we don't want it reeking
of burning computer. I'd follow
it around looking for the
machine that needed fixing.

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