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[Panel 1]
Is this a knitting needle
I see before me, the
handle towards my hand?

Nope. Definitely not.

Must be an art
nouveau mouse trap.

More deco, surely?

[Panel 2]
Just don't tell Nils. If he
finds out I can knit he'll want
me to knit things for him.

Would that be so bad?

It's not as if I have nothing
else to do. And I bet he wouldn't
pay six hundred quid per
sweater for my time either.

[Panel 3]
Even for guaranteed non-melting
polyprotein fibres with intrinsic
low-grade refractory properties?

[Bell] mean wool?

Well you don't
tell him that
bit, obviously.

[Panel 4]
I'm almost tempted. But then
Jaakko would want one, and
Ginny for the barbecues, and...

Next thing you
know you have a
viable business?

I already HAVE one.
It's called a pub.

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