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# pub
[Panel 1]
Upgrades are done.

Phew. Does that mean
it'll safe to come back
to the flat tonight?

It was always safe. Ish.

All right, I took the vacuums off
their wheels before I started.

[Panel 2]
I don't see why you can't
just leave the machines
until they NEED an upgrade.

Because there are many,
many people more inventive
than me constantly looking
for a way to break things.

I see. So it would be like
putting all my photos in
the hands of, oh, Jaakko.

[Panel 3]
More like Jaakko's
little brother.


But for now it's done.
Tomorrow, who can say?

[Panel 4]
Me. I can say. Tomorrow
I'll just disconnect
from all your boxes and
use my phone instead.

And when was THAT
last patched?

This morning. Because the
patches for it don't need me
to evacuate the house for hours
in case of killer robots.

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