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[Panel 1]

That's not like you.
Are you all right?

Oh, fine, I just need to let off
a panic now and then or I'll get
depressed and sign up for
Elizabeth's madrigal circle
and world-ending society.

[Panel 2]
That would be a shame.

Why, I didn't know you

When you could instead
be helping to bring on
the robot revolution!

…never mind.

[Panel 3]
Just think of all the benefits!
Why, you could be killed in
the first strikes, rather than
having to live through the world
going all Threads at you!

That does not, in
fact, strike me
as an entirely
appealing choice.

Ask me again when I've just
had the Brownlow's rep round.

[Panel 4]
You know, we really ought to
Do something about him.

Not worth the
effort. They'll
only send another
one, and he
might be worse.

Maybe next time I'll
just throw him to Citz…

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