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[Panel 1]
Right, are we all set for
the worst of the summer heat?

The air conditioning
in the machine
rooms is topped off.

UPS and backup genny can
handle the load for 24 hours.

[Panel 2]
Right, I'll just get the deck
chairs in and we'll have somewhere
to lurk when the cooling for
this place breaks down again.

You don't feel
that would be a
little... obvious?

Depends on where you put them.

[Panel 3]
Managers never go out of sight of
the door now. They worry they might
not find their way out again.

To be fair the self-
moving machine racks
help with that.

It is more

I had to clean up after
that incident. He'd been
going in circles for hours.

[Panel 4]
When I got back from lunch I
made sure there was a way out.
He just failed to see it.

Hmm, maybe we should make
the deck chairs mobile too,

and they could hide
themselves when the
Wrong People came in.

No. You do that, it'll be
deck chair dodgems before
the end of the day.

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