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[Panel 1]
Jislaaik! And then what?

He got better.


Came round while we were laying
him out, and said "I want to
go home and rethink my life".

[Panel 2]
And you let him?

We're not thugs!

(Except Citz.)

Feeding an unconscious body
to a bloodthirsty demon bound
into a combination boiler,
sure, but not a RESISTING body.

[Panel 3]
…did you NOTICE when my life
got weird? Or is it just sharing
a flat with you that did it?

Seems perfectly
reasonable to me.

That's what I
was afraid of.

Anyway, off he went, and we
haven't heard anything since.

[Panel 4]
Could have been worse, I suppose.

Citz doesn't get into trouble
for defending herself, and
maybe that bloke will eventually
learn to act civilised.

And the boiler's had a bit of
blood to be getting on with. So
really it's all for the best.

Except I never did get
the beer order in…

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