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[Panel 1]
Have you seen Nils?

He's off with Jaakko
pretending to be spacemen
or tentacle-wrestlers
or something.

Bother. I have some
new subtleties I
wanted to try on him.

[Panel 2]
He's about as subtle as one of
those imaginary war machines
he keeps going on about. Oh,
you mean historical food?

With some twists, and I think
they might be a bit highly
spiced for normal people.

[Panel 3]
I'll count myself as normal,
then. Though I think you
might get some victims later.

The new barrel of mild
should be settled by
this evening and they'll
all be at the pub.

You didn't tell me!

[Panel 4]
Yes I did. About five seconds
ago. And now I'm about to
tell all the other gannets.

Is it gannets,
when it's drink?

Tell you what, YOU can stand
behind the bar and watch
them creeling for a pint.

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