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[Panel 1]
Nils, we need to talk.


Apparently you've
been having parcels
sent here.

Well, the café won't talk to me
any more and there was going
to be somebody here anyway…

[Panel 2]
And it's much less effort than
carrying them home from work.

You might have
given us
some warning.

Citz got to it first.

[Panel 3]
Is this one of those "she's
got its scent and now
it's HERS" situations?

You seem
scared of
Citz. (Good.)

No, but you owe her something nice.
She was in the middle of chasing
down the mouse, and then it got
out and Mandi saw it, and, well.

[Panel 4]
Right. One pair of industrial
earplugs coming up.

Er, can I have
my parcel now?

Well, let's see, not just yet.
What's the phase of the moon…?

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