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[Panel 1]
You know, sometimes I wonder what
you lot get up to at Essen.

You could come with
us. This is an ideal
time to book your
hotel for next year.

Oh, come on. Follow you around
watching you say "I think
I'll play THIS card" all day?

[Panel 2]
Join us in the evenings when
we're relaxing, though…?

If there's one thing more boring
than game fanatics all day, it's
nothing at all. But all right,
what does Essen have to offer
to the non-gaming tourist?

[Panel 3]


Carry the two…

The castles up the Rhine?

Not what you'd call handy
nearby sites, really.

[Panel 4]
Well, it got a bit remodelled in
the 1940s, courtesy of the RAF.

Is that really
an excuse they
can use now?

No, I think the problem is that
the 1960s happened and they're
stuck with what they built THEN.

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