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[Panel 1]
Got your shopping list
ready for Essen?

Well. Sort of.

We will be there in two weeks. The
world and his pig have been putting
out preview videos. Surely you have
some idea of what you want to buy?

[Panel 2]
Well. I suppose.

There will be
Tapestry and
On Mars and
Black Angel and…

But I just don't
feel enthusiastic
about any of them.

[Panel 3]
Not even Paranormal Detectives?

I suppose I'll
give it a look.

This is an Emergency! You cannot go
to Essen without a proper
capitalistic fever of acquisition!
At this rate you might come back
with money in your pocket!

[Panel 4]
You are getting Onitama out Right
Now and we are having a tournament.

And that's going to get me
enthusiastic about new games?
But I already HAVE lots of great
games. That's the problem.

No, but by the end you will be too
tired to think straight and you
will believe whatever I tell you.

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