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[Panel 1]
It… is…

Not relevant.

How do you kn… oh, right.

[Panel 2]
You keep bursting in here to
tell me that "it" is alive,
and "it" turns out to be the
house audio server or something.

Laser cutter.

Close enough.

But it will carve
through thin steel!

[Panel 3]
Oh good. You can bring on the
robot revolution a bit faster.

Remind me when you've
set a date; I'll want
to be ready for my
hygienic extermination.

It will carve through thin steel
and make washers in the exact size
you can't get any more because
Steve used Whitworth and World O'
Connecty Bits didn't even know
there WERE Whitworth washers.

[Panel 4]
Which is probably why he used
them, because they were cheap…

Nils! You mean you actually
LISTEN when I'm ranting? I'll
have to watch what I say.

That's OK, I have
a very bad memory.

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