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[Panel 1]
Is it me, or is this place
a bit more crowded today?

Most business travel
is cancelled because
of the Viruspocalypse.

"As a precaution…"

[Panel 2]
Jislaaik, no business
holidays on the beach?

I hear Skegness is
very bracing at
this time of year.

"…in common with that adopted
elsewhere in the sector
and in other industries…"

[Panel 3]
They really ARE worried if
they're trying to reassure
us they're not overreacting.

I am so sorry, Nils,
it looks as if you
may not get your robot
uprising after all.

"…you may wish to avoid hand
shaking or other close contact
with visitors and others…"

[Panel 4]
I think the only sensible thing
is to isolate ourselves from
potential carriers and retire
to an emergency backup facility.

And apply a low-concentration
ethanol antiseptic to the
mucous membranes of the throat.

Give me a moment, I'll
join you in the pub.

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