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[Panel 1]
Hey, are you in this discount
scheme thingy? We could

It doesn't apply to alcohol.
Because all drinkers are
Nasty People who should be
Stopped, and the pub is the
worst form of drinking.

You could sell me a sheaf
of barley which would mysteri-
ously ferment in my glass?

[Panel 2]
Even if I could, it's only a tenner
off your bill, so on one of your
sessions you wouldn't even notice.

How about a twenty
quid "meal" which
comes with a lot
of free beer?

I don't need the hassle.

[Panel 3]
Anyway, it's like the VAT
thing, just another handout
to the loudest lobbying group.
Everyone's queueing up for them.

No reason you
shouldn't get your
share, though, right?

I'm not in this to make a fortune,
I'm here to run a decent pub.

[Panel 4]
Tell you what, if you think it's
worth it, YOU do all the paperwork.

Jislaaik! No, I'll just
start lobbying for relief
payments to home workers
because they haven't
made huge savings by
stopping commuting.

Which you'll then spend in my pub…

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