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[Panel 1]
I was just in Tesbury's and all
the shoppers were wearing masks.

Well glory be.
They're actually
obeying the law?

Who would have thought
that common sense
wouldn't be enough?

[Panel 2]
Approximately everybody who
ever deals with the public?

But none of the STAFF
had masks. Do the rules
not apply to them?

Nope. They can cough over everybody
they want to. Heaven forbid their
employers might have to pay
for their protective gear!

[Panel 3]
Even if they did have to wear
masks, it's not as though the
police would bother to do anything.

Maybe I should use a SCUBA
tank and mask next time.
Should get about two
hours of clean air out
of it. Heavy, though.

Especially when you add
a couple of weeks' shopping.

[Panel 4]
Sack truck.

Why not go the
whole hog and
borrow a wheelchair?

Because I know I wouldn't
be able to resist the urge
to become jet-propelled.

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