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[Panel 1]
What do you think of this for a
sign in the pub? "Please wear
a mask at the bar as having a
mad Finn practise his chainsaw-
sculpture skills on your
face often offends."

Too subtle. And isn't
that going to be in next
week's rules anyway?

[Panel 2]
Yeah, and that's why the new
punters think it doesn't matter
now. Clearly the virus is going to
wait until Friday to infect them.

As a great, er,
man once said,

[bordercolour red]
[bodycolour black]
[textcolour white]
I wear no mask.

[Panel 3]
You do in my pub or you're
barred. Even Elder Gods. Over
their noses, mouths AND tentacles.

[bordercolour black]
[bodycolour white]
[textcolour black]
Truly, do we not all
wear masks? Even if
most of them look
rather dreary.

But you can just BUY a Mask
of Nyarlathotep now. Ten quid
from Chaosium on Redbubble.

[Panel 4]
All right, but how do YOU know
that? If you had joined Us,
I would have been Informed.

Opened Nils's
parcel by

Ah, ├Žons-old secrets, laid
bare for ten pounds a pop.

Could be worse, could be
a plush Shub-Niggurath.

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