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[Panel 1]
You seem unusually doom-laden today.

They're re-opening
the library.

People pawing over
MY BOOKS again.

(Also the risk of
disease I suppose.)

[Panel 2]
Are they at least making the right
noises about masks and things?

Oh yes, anything to avoid
corporate liability.

But the books are happy here,
and now I'm going to have
to take them back again.

[Panel 3]
You sound like Ginny giving
that dog back to her mum.

Maybe I should
adopt some more.

Your floorboards are
at their limit already.

[Panel 4]
But how am I going to sleep without
mediaeval books WHISPERING to me?

You could always camp there. But
anyway, do you really think the
books will stop now, just because
you're four miles away?

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