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[Panel 1]
So it's six more months then.

I don't see why you'd be surprised.
This was inevitable unless the
vaccine fairy showed up early.

Yes, but everybody in the
supermarket today was suddenly
on edge. I couldn't tell if
they were going to break down
screaming or start a riot.

[Panel 2]
Apparently the university is
a Key Public Service and so we
have to Remain Operational.

I thought you were
doing that anyway.

But now the Chancellor of
Vice has said so officially.

[Panel 3]
So I'm going to make myself
a little emergency nest among
the Mediaeval Metaphysics…
disinfectant, cheese
sandwiches, absinthe…

The pub depends on the beer
keeping coming, but we've
got food to last a while.

And I have enough trebuchet
ammunition to withstand
a small siege!

[Panel 4]

Nobody's going to lay
siege to this place. They
don't WANT your computers.

But I'll tell you what, if
they do, you distract them
with the trebuchet while I
send out the slaughterbots.

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