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[Panel 1]
Rejoice! We are allowed
back in the office!

Yes, I was
the emails.

Over two days it went from "all
peons must return to their
benches" to "oh well of course
we only meant VITAL people".

[Panel 2]
Because everyone likes to
think they are VITAL to the
running of the company.

"I may be just one little
cog, but do you know what
happens if that one little
cog jams up the mechanism?"

It gets thrown away and replaced
with a cheaper version from India.

[Panel 3]
Anyway, they are mostly back
in the office and so are we.

Except now the pub is open
again, so we end up here
in the smoking shelter.

In the open air where
the virus can blow away.

[Panel 4]
I'm impressed with the
wifi speed, though.

Two APs buried in the walls.
We're squatting on every channel.

Isn't that a
bit anti-social?

Nah, the neighbours round here
only use the net for Facetwit.

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