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[Panel 1]

Oh dear.

The news keeps going on about
people being "double vaccinated".

[Panel 2]
A travesty, of course.
"Doubly" or nothing.

Yes, but even if you
get that right it's the
wrong phrase for it.

Ooh, are you going to
have a technical rant?

[Panel 3]
It reminds me of the fights we had
with spammers. They wanted to call
confirmation to get onto a list
"double opt in", because "double"
sounds like an extra special thing,
and they wanted plain standard
"opt in" to be acceptable.

[Panel 4]
What, like someone typing
your address into a form?
Yeah, I can see why they'd
want to make that normal.

And anyway what about the
people who had a single-
dose vaccine? Why not
just "fully vaccinated"
which covers everyone?

Because that would have taken ten
seconds of thought to come up with?

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