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[Panel 1]
So that's the Olympics done
for another four years.

The what?

Well, three.

[Panel 2]
Oh, right. Are they
still doing those?

Even I am not quite
as dedicated to
avoiding the
news as you are.

And in spite of my best
efforts some of the regulars
actually like sports.

[Panel 3]
But you don't have a
big screen or anything…

Can't stop them
checking their
phones though.

I thought after the London ones
everything was so perfect they
would never have to do them again.

[Panel 4]
At least they don't have to
do them HERE for a while.

And with any luck we'll
be dead before it happens.

Robot Revolution or London
Olympics 4? A hard choice,
but one of them has a lot
more clank clank argh.

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