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[Panel 1]

Argh. Not pulling any
more pints for ANYBODY.

How much drinking do people need
to catch up on, anyway? I mean,
we were open last week too…

[Panel 2]
Don't forget shouting
into each other's faces.

They're all checked in,
in my records even if the
official ones get lost.

Some of them may even have
given their real names.

[Panel 3]
Most of them I know already.
So when they start coming
down with plague I can
tell the rest about it.

Haven't you heard? The
plague is over, and
everything is fine again.

Then why are you…?

[Panel 4]

Also I had to walk
past the lager barn
on the way here.

Yeah, that place smells bad enough
even when there isn't a plague.

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