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[Panel 1]


Artisanal doom, with
ethically-prduced tentacles.

Well look who's been
shopping at Waitrose.

[Panel 2]
It is so reassuring to know that
"ignore it and hope it'll go
away" is now an accepted national
problem-solving strategy.

I wouldn't know. I'm
ignoring it and
hoping it goes away.

But aren't you
worried about…?

New policy. I don't worry about
things I can't do anything about.

[Panel 3]
As long as I can sell beer and food…

Also none of the staff
has got the plague yet
so we must be doing
something right.

But, I mean, with all the
bad stuff being pushed on us…

[Panel 4]
Well eventually I will just
roll over and die. But that
was going to happen some day
anyway… unless your tentacular
apocalypse has room for a Rapture?

Well, no.

That's all right then. Another mead?

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