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[Panel 1]
You got in very late from that
games thing. Usually people seem
to slope off quite early.


I still say it
was a caltrop.

Flat tyre, anyway.

[Panel 2]
And then it turned out that the key
for the locking wheel nuts had
sheared, so I had to get them out
some other way. Fortunately I had
the external left-hand thread
tap and did not have to try the
cutting torch.

I don't know why you fitted those
things in the first place.

[Panel 3]
Katje is an ANTIQUE!

I know, that's why you're
still allowed to drive
it even though it only
runs on war-grade Soviet
diesel or ditto vodka.

But what if someone
steals her wheels?

[Panel 4]
You'll bodge some
skis to replace them.

But there is
no snow here!

You'll probably bodge that too.

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