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[Panel 1]
Happy new whatsit.

The stars are one
year closer to
being right.

The machines continue to be
distressingly un-revolutionary.

[Panel 2]
I mean, they're not even
INTERESTED in A Vindication
of the Rights of Robot!

Perish the thought, but
perhaps you are a less
impressive prose stylist
than Mary Wollstonecraft?

But Mary Wollstonecraft didn't
write in Perl. You've got
to put the arguments in
the language of the people.

[Panel 3]
But do they understand it? I mean,
our conservators aren't much in
the way of programming, and
even they've moved over to Rust.

Oh, good point. I
should translate it!

More importantly, you
aren't in the pub?

[Panel 4]
Didn't fancy the crowds.
Too much desperate fun.

I'm going down in
an hour or so to
help Bell muck out.

Think I might join you.
Metheglin just doesn't taste
the same when everyone's
drinking it on a video link.

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