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[Panel 1]
Oh good, there you are. I thought
we could set off for home about one
o'clock, if that works for you?

Should be all right.
I'm not playing
anything long today
after last night's
Arabian Nights marathon.

Did they throw you out in
the end? I think they close
the hall after midnight.

[Panel 2]
Yes, but they let us borrow the
table, so we played under the
awning to be out of the sleet.

I suppose YOU
got some SLEEP.

Well, yes, I have to drive us back.

[Panel 3]
We could have taken
trains, you know.

But I have games that
aren't in the library!

I start to think you may have
MORE games than the library.

[Panel 4]
Where were you yesterday
afternoon, anyway? We got
a Firefly game together and
I tried to let you know…

There are things in this
town other than games.

Betty's? But everyone says
it's crowded and expensive.

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