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[Panel 1]
Hmm hmm hmm, happy upgrade dance…

Oh, is it that time
again? I'd better tie
down all my loose files.

Too late, I already did it
this morning. Everything's
back up and running.

[Panel 2]
Oh. Er. Good.

So why are you still
doing the upgrade dance?

They took away a package.
The old web interface to
the monitoring system.

[Panel 3]

Oh, it's not like Windows.
It was an old and tired
package and nobody wanted
to keep it working.

To be fair,
not even me.

But the new version needs PHP.

[Panel 4]
Well OBVIOUSLY you couldn't
be expected to do THAT.

(I assume from your
tone of voice.)

You're so perceptive!
So I wrote my own.

Took me twenty minutes.

Dear me, you're slowing
down in your old age.

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