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[Panel 1]
It is NOT alive.

And that's good.

Are you sure you should be
telling me this, what with my
need to keep the licence and all?

[Panel 2]
To the best of my knowledge there
was no criminal activity involved.

But we have
no more PHP.

What, has your beer been
going acid or something?

The programming language.

[Panel 3]
The programming language that Other
Dave the contractor used back in
the day, before we came along.

I take it this is not
a language that finds
favour with you?

It's, er. Um.

It's likeā€¦

I'll just say
"yes, you're right".

[Panel 4]
Ginny and I have finally tracked
down all the code and extracted
its tentacles from the crevices
they'd got themselves into.

And replaced them
with new tentacles
written in Rust.

Kinky. Are you sure you
shouldn't call Elizabeth
for an exorcism?

Well, it can't hurt.

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