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[Panel 1]
So apparently they're
having a street party for
the Jubilee next week.

Yes, I saw the posters.

And they want us to
kick in for the public
liability insurance.

Well, it's good that they've
noticed they need it.

[Panel 2]
But hang on, they want ME
to pay THEM for insurance
for the damage THEY are
going to do to MY property?

(And yours obviously.)

Well, and the damage
you'll do to them…

[Panel 3]
But I won't. I'll be in Birmingham
playing games. Elizabeth too.

And I'll be working
in the pub all day.

Anyway, did anyone ask H. M.
if she WANTED mandatory fun?

[Panel 4]
Don't be silly, it's just more
beer and circuses. Which is not
terrible if you're selling the beer.

Or in my case
the circuses.

Oh, have they started
actually paying you?

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