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[Panel 1]
Hand sanitiser, bleach,
masks, filters, dice…

Isn't that a bit much?

Have you seen the
infection rates lately?

[Panel 2]
No, and neither have you,
because nobody knows since
they stopped the free tests.

But I meant: won't
everyone be providing
their own dice?

True. But do I really want
to be rolling dice other
people have poxed?

[Panel 3]
Unless you're planning to
lick your fingers afterwards,
I don't see why not.

They wouldn't let
me bring the mobile
autoclave for
my steel dice.

With what they charge for power
at the NEC, you'd bankrupt the
company before they'd even got
up to a useful temperature.

[Panel 4]
Not to mention setting fire
to the fuseboard again.

Again? So that was you, was
it? Do you know how long they
kept us out in the rain?

They said 13 amps, I took
13 amps. It's just that
I took them all at once…

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