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[Panel 1]
So it turns out they had a
"ten minute power outage".


Why yes, indeed, slatkin did log
the first power loss at 0446, and
madoff recovered at 0558. And that
is indeed longer than ten minutes.

[Panel 2]
But ponzi and mccloundy
didn't lose power at all!

Funny you should
mention that.

Also, do you remember how
they wouldn't let us keep
our UPS because their power
was so rock-solid reliable?

[Panel 3]
What did happen to that in the end?

You, I mean the company,
sold it to me as surplus.

It's been running my own machine
room since then. With complete
success, though I did have to feed
it a new battery a few years ago.

[Panel 4]
So basically we have
to play politics now?

At the very least I should
be able to get them to pay
for parker's new discs.

parker? Isn't that the
network bridge…? Oh. OH.

George C. Parker (1860-1936), "The
Man Who Sold the Brooklyn Bridge".

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