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[Panel 1]
Do you know if we've got any of
Jaakko's dried chilli sausage left?

Er. I think Nils
ate it all.

Bother. I
want something
ridiculously hot.

I only have excessively
hot, I'm afraid. Why?

[Panel 2]
Because my taste's gone all wonky
and I want to know whether I've
got the Plague or just a cold.

You do know that
doesn't affect
everyone, right?

Also we have several
boxes of tests.

[Panel 3]
Where's the fun in that?

Then you can eat
the chilli sausage
AND breathe it
all over people.

If we had any.

There is that.

Well, I could always pick some
up at Harinder's. It must be
my turn to go shopping by now.

[Panel 4]
Um. Actually Nils and I decided
you were Excused Shopping after
you came back with nothing
but a month's supply of
potatoes and Guinness.

It was cheap! And it contains
all essential nutrients.


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