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[Panel 1]
Are you awake?

Wraith plays Inventory
Barrage, then
Throwing Knives!

Oh, right, it's over.

It's over. You cleaned up
and locked up and came home.
Nothing you need to do.

[Panel 2]
I hate to say it, but I
actually don't feel like
playing more boardgames.

Well, there is still
TODAY's session…

Ag. Why did I make it
an all-weekend thing?

Because Dave and Annie wouldn't
come from North, or Claire from
Beyond the Pale, unless they could
make a weekend trip out of it.

[Panel 3]
Oh right. So how do I get myself
back in the mood to be a host?

Easy. Just think about
what you COULD be doing
if you weren't a boardgamer.


[Panel 4]
Paying through the nose to
go to the cinema… paying
even more through the nose
to watch some sportsball…

You know, spending £200 on
all the War Librarians of
Karthraxi expansions starts
to seem almost reasonable!

Don't bother, I'm on
the freebies list.

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