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[Panel 1]
Morning, Nils. You're looking more
gloomy than usual (if possible).

A game publisher
has gone bust.

…well, that's
a shame, but…

Were you waiting for
something from them?

[Panel 2]
No, they sent it to me a
few weeks ago because I'd
done some work for them.


But I'd been planning to demo
for them in a few months, and
now that won't be happening.

[Panel 3]
Shame, but there are
other companies, right?


But now I can't show people this
game that I love and say "and
you can buy a copy for yourself".
It'll just be "I've got it and
you can't have one, har har".

[Panel 4]
You'll just have to show
them one of the other, hmm, two
hundred odd games you own?

Plus the Annexe.

And the ones in the pub.

And the ones out on loan.

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