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[Panel 1]
Rejoice! It's Wellbeing Week!

Sounds like a
two-pint situation.

We can take charge of our work-
life balance! Though not in
any way that would give us
more on the life side.

I'll make that three.

[Panel 2]
There's Fun Park Exercise,
and How to Turn a Difficult
Hour into a Good Day.

I used to do that
by terrifying the
Brownlow's rep.

Full Health Screening,
'cos they won't give you
time to see a doctor unless
you're already ill.

Woo, just how I'd like to spend
an hour away from my desk.

[Panel 3]
Stress Awareness, and Beat
Burnout, because if the job is
burning you out that's YOUR problem
and nothing to do with the job.

I beat burnout with
a fire extinguisher.

Not any more. All members of
staff above grade 10 are officially
not on fire. Even if they do seem
very red-faced and distressed.

[Panel 4]
So what got booked up first?

Explore Your
Senses Through
Chocolate Tasting.

Presumably immediately followed by
some of that Fun Park Exercise…

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