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[Panel 1]
Why is snow, anyway?

Well, when two water
molecules love each
other very much…

Randomly falling in tiny patches.

Randomly stopping
breweries delivering.

[Panel 2]
Are you saying we
have a Beer Crisis?

Well, YOU
don't. The pub's
another matter.

And no, I can't take
your homebrew. Even if
it is from Jaakko's rig.
Not certified for sale
to the public.

Jislaaik! What are you going to do?

[Panel 3]
…serve beer from a different brewery.

That's depressingly un-
dramatic. Don't you need
me to steal a truck and
make a daring run through
the snow, or something?

Not going to stop you, but nor
am I going to encourage you.

[Panel 4]
Especially since I'm pretty sure
you don't have an HGV licence.

How hard can it
be? I've driven
Jaakko's truck.

Which isn't articulated.

No, but it does have rocket
launching rails welded to it…

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